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Southwest Orchestras


Mr. Austin Hegert


The goal of the orchestras at Southwest is simple; To become the best musicians we can be. To reach these heights, students are immersed into a curriculum that covers everything from playing technique to music history to reading and notating music. This will propel students to the next level, where they will continue to succeed as a musician, student, and person.


 According to "Case for Music in the Schools" by Lewis Thomas (1994), "Music majors are the most likely group of college grads to be admitted to medical school."

Though this isn't a major selling point for this program, nor a goal, it is a fun fact. There are many more applicable quotes and facts about music and music education at the following web site.

Major Dates to remember for the remainder of the 2014-2015 school year

December 9- SWMS Orchestra Holiday Concert

All Grades- Steven's HS Auditorium- 7:00pm


December 13- 6th Grade Mall Concert

6th only- Rushmore Mall Food Court- 2:00pm


March 16-21 - Strings In Concert Week

Times and Activities TBA


April 15- Orchestra Solo and Ensemble Contest

7th/8th only- Southwest Middle School- Rooms/Times TBA


May 7- 6th Grade Band/Orchestra Concert

6th Only- SWMS Gym- 7:00pm

Change in Time Due to 6th grade track meet earlier in the afternoon. Please note this change.


May 8- Southwest/West Orchestra Tour

7th/8th only- Information TBA


May 14- SWMS POPS Concert

7th/8th Orch/Band/Choir- SWMS Gym- 1:30 & 6:30


Info for Spring Dates 2015


April 15- Middle School Solo and Ensemble Contest

All 7th/8th Graders, No 6th Graders

Times distributed in class to students.

Solos from private instructors need to be given to Mr. Hegert by April 8.


May 8- Southwest Orchestra Tour with West Orchestra

All 7th/8th Graders, No 6th Graders

All day event. Students will begin and end day at Southwest.

Will need money for lunch in mall food court or sack lunch.

Students wear Strings in Concert Shirts and Jeans

Need volunteers to drive cellos/basses. If you can help, please contact me via email. :)


May 7- 6th Grade Southwest Orchestra/Band Concert

Only 6th Graders

Concert begins 7:00pm in Southwest Gym

Call time for orchestra: 5:30pm


May 14- POPS Concert (Back To The Future?)

All 7th/8th Graders, No 6th Graders

Concerts 1:30 and 6:30 in Southwest Gym

More info to come home in coming weeks