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Project Cell Phone
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South Middle School
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Classroom Links
Read, Write and Think
Classroom resources and professional development tools
Middle School Reading Resources
Links to activities and resources for the classroom
Max Teaching
The only way to learn how to read is by reading, and the only way to get students to read is by making reading easy.- Frank Smith, Joining the Literacy Club
Lesson plans and online tools (interactives, videos, webinars)
Common Core Standards
South Dakota State Standards Initiative
Center for Teaching and Learning
Books Recommended by Students
You Gotta Read This!
Book reviews written by students for students, from Nancy Atwell's school in Maine. The 25 categories might help students determine genre' choice.
Teacher Tech Vids - Video Tutorials
This site has a collection of short video tutorials for teachers to use in their classrooms.  There are tools for "Newbies," Developing Users, and Advanced Users, as well as links to other resources. Each tool has a short video called Getting Started, followed by The Basics, and then Beyond the Basics.
National Geographic Kids explore scientific and historial concepts
Visit this terrific site to explore geographic, scientific and historial concepts, issues and events. You can explore concepts in depth with the many resources, links and bibliographies.
Time for Kids
This site offers a variety of opportunities for kids and teachers.
Time for Kids Archives
An archive link that allows you to print any or all of the TFK articles in English and Spanish!
National Wildlife Foundation for Kids
Loaded with information about animal conservation and animals in general.
The official site of the Library of Congress.
TechWize on Amazon
Technology study done in South Dakota Public schools
Deb's Delicious Bookmarks
Some really good finds here!
Center for Teaching and Learning Recommended Book List
This resource will help students look for book finds by grade and gender.
South Dakota State Library
Databases including newspapers, books, and primary sources. Practice tests (ACT and others).
National Council of Teachers of English
Lesson plans for all grade levels.
Folger Shakespeare Library
Lesson ideas for a variety of Shakespeare plays.
Primary source documents, pictures, and maps from the era.
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
Resources for a variety of curricula areas.
Photos, videos, primary documents, and animations.
The New York Times kids' edition.
A truly fantastic sites with news summaries, science Q & A's, who's who and what's what features, as well as an opportunity to explore the NY Times learning network by subject.
A library created by students for students. The Thinkquest Library is a free educational resource featuring 5,500+ websites created by students from around the world.
How Stuff Works
A site that explains how just about everything in the world works! Kids will love this!
Why Files
A site that gives us the science behind the news. Click on The Why Files in Education for an amzing array of information on scientific topics of all kinds.
Nobel Prize
This site offers Nobel Speeches, history of winners and their prizes, simulations for kids, and more!
Freedom Center
The web site of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Click on Learn or Educators for historic information, narratives, and lesson plans related to the Underground Railroad.
Ocean at National Geographic
Check out this great site for information, photos, and stories about anything pertaining to the ocean and to marine conservation.
EcoKids Online
EcoKids is Earth Day Canada's environmental education program for youth who care about the planet. This website is their interactive environmental web site for children, their families, and educators in Canada and around the world.
History of America
The history of America from New World encounters to contemporary history with information, narratives, maps, and links to other relevant American history web sites.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Weather Service
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Weather Service provides up-to-date weather forecasts. Click on Education/Outreach, and then NOAA Education page for general educational information about the weather and a list of weather web sites of interest to kids.
San Francisco-based Exploratorium Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception
This site is packed with scientific information and interactive possibilities on a wide range of topics.
Annenberg Foundation
This site aims to improve excellent teaching in America. Information on school reform, professional development, teaching and learning, curriculum suggestions, and so on.
The student section of the site with interactive exhibits that focus on extensions of a concept or theme that is explored on the site.
Classics for Kids
A website dedicated to hooking kids on classical music. As they say on their homepage, "Classics for kids is here to help you learn about classical music and have fun too."
Sports Illustrated for Kids
Full of sports information, articles, radio programs, survey questions and more.
Kids Discover
The website of Kids Discover magazine. Click on Teach and then click on A Look Inside Every Title and you will discover an amazing list of resources that includes a list of web sites, childrens books, adult books, community resources related to the title topic.
What Should I Read Next?
Type the name of your last book and this site will make suggestions for what else you might like to read.
Smithsonian Institute
The Kids button on this website leads you to a selection of arts, science and nature, history and culture, and people and places resources that support both social studies and science curriculums.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
The NASA education site for middle school students contains resources, games, links to contests and career information.
Public Broadcasting Service
This PBS site, an educator's resource that allows you to search for featured lessons and activities by curriculum area.
Museum of Science, Boston
The Boston Museum of Science website contains both student ("Explore abd Learn") abd teacher ("Educator Tools") resources. The Virtual Exhibits provide great content for a variety of topic studies.
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
The USHMM provides in-depth information about one of World War II's most shameful crimes. The site contains sections for students, teachers, families, as well as adults and scholars.
San Diego Zoo
In addition to local zoo events, the site contains a wealth of conservation and wildlife information, activities, and projects.
National Endowment for the Humanities
This site has lesson plans for teachers, student resources and other features. Features are highlighted collections of resources that can be used to support related lesson plans or as standalone activities in the classroom. Browse the library of features by grade level or subject area.
South Middle School Library
Follow links to the SD State Library resources. Access Ancestry database, EbscoHost, Eric, ProQuest, newspapers and many other databases.
CNN Student News
CNN Student News is a daily commercial-free, ten-minute broadcast of the day's news geared for middle- and high-school students. On, you can access the show and free related curriculum materials, including Learning Activities, Discussion Questions, Newsquizzes and One-Sheets.
Fun English Games
A site for students to play English - reading, writing and grammar games.
Games to learn English
Student games for learning English skills
Free Rice
Play vocabulary game to earn free rice. For each right answer, they will donate 10 grains of rice to eliminate hunger.
English Maven
Helping students improve their English, one step at a time!
Writing Prompt Generator
Here is a link for teachers and students that generates writing prompts. It allows students to select their own prompt, they keep clicking until they find a prompt that they are into.
Earth Day Resources
A special shout out to my friends at Compton Community Center After School Program for suggesting this link! Thank you! You will find Earth Day Tips, Resources for a Healthy Earth and much more. Check it out and always keep learning!
Dear Kitty - Remembering Anne Frank - Part 1 of 6
Miep Gies remembers Anne Frank and the Frank family in the documentary.