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Edmodo for ALL Classes
Toni Jacobs 

Contact me at for any and all questions.  I share my classroom phone with another teacher, so voicemails are tricky.

Please ask your student for their Edmodo code so you can follow along with the class!

Classroom Supplies:

Container of Clorox wipes, headphones and Pencils.

     *Tissues and hand sanitizer are always appreciated.

NEED FOR assistance and/or extra work time: Students may come in before school starting at 7:30am and after school until 3:30pm or make prior arrangements for an alternate time in order to receive additional help.

o Working during LUNCH hour (4TH)

 Students need to make arrangements prior as my door may be shut & locked.
 This is for work time/additional seat time only. No additional help will be provided.

o Work during open periods

 Of course! However, please remember that I have another class and am not available for additional help. It will be additional seat time only.

o Work during teacher’s planning period (3RD)

 The computer lab will be closed during the teacher’s planning period. No friends for company permitted in the lab, as students are here to work not socialize.

     *Please have student communicate when they wish to utilizing the room outside of their class time.



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