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Web Page Design
Introduction to Business
Exploring Comp. Science
Digital Video
Edmodo for ALL Classes
Toni Jacobs 

Contact me at for any and all questions.  I share my classroom phone with another teacher, so voicemails are tricky.

Please ask your student for their Edmodo code so you can follow along with the class!

Classroom Supplies:

8GB flash drive, Container of Clorox wipes, headphones and Pencils.

     *Tissues and hand sanitizer are always appreciated.

The computer lab is open for student use before school 7:30 to 8:10; 4th and 5th period lunch; and after school. (As Needed)

     *Please have student communicate when they wish to utilizing the room outside of their class time.



 Classroom Links

  Personal Finance
  Intro to Business
  ICT 2
  Web Page Design
  Getting Started Resources
  WPD 2