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Karen Hanzel


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  College App Essay Tips
  College App Essay Tips
  Billy Collins
  E12: sites for writing essays
  APeng: Poetry Activity
  EH Introduction Vocabulary and Guided Questions
  WorldLit: Landmark Writing
  Myth: Review (attached)
  Writing Conferences
  Genisis Background: Image of Eden
  APeng: Pilgrim at Tinker Creek
  Post High School: Job and Military
  The Trojan War Study-guide
  Myth: Homework Assignment
  Myth: Opening Day Assignment
  ALL CLASSES: Autobiographical Sketch Directions
  World Mythologies Online Activity
  E12: Teaching Prep Lit Terms
  Lesser God Study-guide
  Myth: Pretest Opening Day
  Personality Prefeference
  Myth: Writing Prompts
  Myth: Homework
  Myth: Trojan War
  MYTH: Phase II World Mythology Project w/ Scoring Rubric
  Myth: Homework
  Myth: instructions on Major Gods
  Sinners Handout
  Sample Olympian God Notes Categories
  m & w Smart Phone Addiction Video
  Adventures of Love
  Greek Literature Outline
  Orpheus and Eurydice
  Various Edith Hamilton Chapter Study Guides
  Heroes Writing Prompt
  Understanding Perseus Study-guide
  WorldLit: Half a Day Assignment
  APeng: Epitaphs Due!
  Urban Legends
  WORLD Lit/ Myth: Online Research Greek Gods Activity
  Materials List
  Atalanta "Quiz"
  Comma Splices
  Essays/Library Project
  Vocabulary Self Test
  Reflective Essay
  Looking at Landmarks Video Makeup
  Myth: Calendar Notes
  WLit: World Mythology Research
  Antigone --Reading the Play Solo
  Vocab Development Edith Hamilton Intro
  Human Nature Definition
  "A Glass of Milk" Questions
  World Lit: Saint Denis: A Town in the Middle Ages
  LATE ATTACHMENT & Submission Guidelines
  Human Condition
  Ancient World Timeline Assignment
  Myth: Writing Prompt
  Myth: Days of the Week Notes
  solid site search
  MYTH: Titan and Olympian Questions
  M12WIP: Stages of the Hero
  Edith Hamilton Writing Prompts: Early Chapters
  Set up for Ancient World Project
  Schedule Template