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     SBAC testing will be starting in April and continue through the first part of May.  Our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders will be involved with this testing.  We have been working hard with your support to prepare our students to achieve at their highest levels.  Please be sure that your child gets a good night sleep, has a healthy breakfast and is on time and present daily.  If at all possible, please schedule appointments on other days to avoid having to make up tests.  3rd grade will be testing Apr. 15th – Apr. 24th; 4th grade will be testing Apr. 28th – May 2nd; 5th grade will be testing May 5th – 9th.  We will be sending home note cards for you to put a positive comment on and return to school to help motivate the kids, so please be looking for that.  Your encouragement and support is greatly appreciated. 

     As we head into the 3rd trimester, there are some important dates to make you aware of:


  • Apr. 2nd – Apr. 9th – Apr. 30th Early release
  • Apr. 18th – 21st Spring break


     Our after school pick up issue has gotten much better.  Thank you for your assistance.  Now, I have another suggestion if you want to avoid the congestion at the front of the school.  Indiana Street and 3rd Street have very little traffic.  We have openings in the fences on those streets so students can access their rides.  If I were picking my child up, I would use one of these streets to do so. We send the 4th and 5th grade out the South doors, so it would make sense to have pick up areas on Indiana for those students.  2nd and 3rd grades come out of their rooms to the west, so it would make sense to have pick up areas on 3rd street for those students.  We bring kindergarten and 1st to the front of the building.  Making a common pick up point on one of these less busy streets would help relieve congestion in the front of the building.  I hear the complaints from you and am trying to assist with ideas to avoid this area.

     It is hard to believe there is only about 45 days of school left for the year.  It has gone fast.  Together we can work to make the remaining school year positive and successful. 




                                                                                                Mr. Haugen

                                                                                                South Park Principal





South Park target parent goals:

Read at least 15 minutes nightly with your child.

Play up to 10 math games or more weekly.