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Alliteration is the repeated occurrence of a consonant sound at the beginning of several words in the same phrase.

 An example is the Mother Goose tongue-twister, "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers

Couplets are made up of two lines whose last words rhyme. They are often silly.

For Example:

The cat ate a mouse
And then brought it in the house.

 Our Name Poems

My shoes   By:Rachael Armour
      MY SHOES 
My Feet are cold and I wonder why
My shoes are on my feet and the laces are tied
As I glance down to look at my shoe
My friend walks by and asks should I clap or just boo
My friend said her feet were warm and we don't care about you
Because as I look down I notice I have holes in my shoe!
Sydney`s Couplets
When I went to the beach,
I saw a dancing peach!
I thought I found number ten,
But it was in the den.  
Kaedn's Couplets
Today I saw a grizzly bear,
Playing at the local fair.
Once upon a time,
A bear played the chime.
Tonia's Couplets
I am really bright,
When it is night.
One day I found a dog,
And it was in fog.
Jasmine's Couplets
Once I saw a slug,
Hoping for a mug.
Once I saw a cat,
Lying to a huge bat!
Nolan's Couplets
I was in the ocean and I saw a shark,
Right beside a great white ark.
I saw an ape,
Eat a big grape!
Piper's Couplets
Once I saw my teacher Crystal,
Shooting a teeny-weenie pistol.
I like to read,
 But in St. Mead!
Sarah's Couplets
There was a door,
With a very big sore!
There was a big mug,
And it was as soft as a rug.
Kirby's Couplets
Once I saw Kirby,
Standing next to a racing derby.
Once I saw Santa's sleigh,
In the middle of May!
Jake's Couplets
I see a mouse,
Right on a house.
I saw a boy,
Looking for a toy.
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