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Superintendent of Schools


300 6th Street
Rapid City, SD 57701

(605) 394-4031-Phone
(605) 394-2514 -Fax

        Dr.Timothy M.Mitchell,
        Superintendent of Schools

The Common Core

Three RCAS teachers were interviewed to give their opinion and insight about how the Common Core influences their teaching and classroom.

 Parent Key Communicator Schedule/Minutes

2015-11-12 Parent Key Communicator Minutes
2015-10-08 Parent Key Communicators Minutes
2015-09-10 Parent Key Communicator Minutes
2015 - 2016 Parent Key Communicator Meeting Schedule

 Superintendent - Student Key Communicator Schedule/Minutes

2015-11-03 Superintendent Student Key Communicator Minutes
Superintendent Student Key Communicator Schedule
2015-10-07 Superintendent Student Key Communicator Minutes

 Roundtable Schedule/Minutes

2015-10-13 Roundtable Minutes
2015-2016 Roundtable Meeting Schedule

 Teacher Key Communicator Minutes

2015-10-21 Teacher Key Communicator Minutes.pdf2015-10-21 Teacher Key Communicator MinutesFletcher, Shirley A.
2015-09-16 Teacher Key Communicator Minutes.pdf2015-09-16 Teacher Key Communicator MinutesFletcher, Shirley A.
2015 - 2016 Teacher Key Communicator Meeting Schedule.pdf2015 - 2016 Teacher Key Communicator Meeting ScheduleFletcher, Shirley A.

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Student Success Task Force Schedule/Minutes

2015 - 2016 Student Success Task Force Meeting Schedule

 Archived Minutes

Folder: Student Success Task ForceStudent Success Task Force
Folder: Roundtable MinutesRoundtable Minutes
Folder: Student Key Communicator MinutesStudent Key Communicator Minutes
Folder: Parent Key Communicator MinutesParent Key Communicator Minutes

 School Boundary Maps

 Community Links

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