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2016-17 Administrative Guide

2016-2017 Teacher Calendar

2016-2017 Student School Calendar

Opening of School Events

Summary of Meetings and Events for 2016-17

(Links to some of the meetings and events follow.)

  1. Student Advisory Council (formerly Student Key communicators)
  2. Budget and Finance Committee
    General Information
    *Building Delivery and Pickup
    *Purchasing and Warehouse Guide  (Contact Support Services at 394-4105 for addional information.)
    *Maintenance Requests
    *Student Transportation Requests:
      Activities Trips
      Field Trips and Excursions
    *Teacher Evaluation
    *Class Schedules
    *District Enrollment Reports

2016-2017 Registration and Opening of School Information

Required Reports

Central Energy Plant Scheduling Rules

Orientation for New Teachers Elementary

Orientation for New Teachers Secondary