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Character Counts

Rapid City Character Counts ! Coalition

Classroom Resources

Coalition is a project of The Chiesman Center for Democracy

 Character In the Movies 1

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 Character Counts Lessons

08-August-Coaching Sports Pillar.pdf08-August-Coaching Sports Pillar
09-September-Parents Sports Pillar.pdf09-September-Parents Sports Pillar
06-June-Summer Sports-Sports Pillar.pdf06-June-Summer Sports-Sports Pillar
07-July-Spectators Sports Pillar.pdf07-July-Spectators Sports Pillar
04-April-Citizenship Sports Pillar.pdf04-April-Citizenship Sports Pillar
05-May-Decision Making Sports Pillar.pdf05-May-Decision Making Sports Pillar
02-February-Fairness Sports Pillar.pdf02-February-Fairness Sports Pillar
03-March-Caring Sports Pillar.pdf03-March-Caring Sports Pillar
12-December-Respect Sports Pillar.pdf12-December-Respect Sports Pillar
01-January-Responsibility Sports Pillar.pdf01-January-Responsibility Sports Pillar
10-October-CC! Sports Pillar.pdf10-October-CC! Sports Pillar
11-November-Trustworthiness Sports Pillar.pdf11-November-Trustworthiness Sports Pillar