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The questions below were asked at the 2017 State of the District Address, but were not answered during the event due to time constraints. Our Senior Leadership Team’s response to the unanswered questions are below.


1.) Why don't the teachers have a salary schedule anymore?


We have a salary schedule for teachers. The schedule applies for the first 5 years a teacher is under contract with RCAS. After that they are considered off schedule to allow the BOE flexibility in negotiations based on the money available from the State. This was negotiated with RCEA during the 2016 bargaining sessions.


2.) Will Rapid City High School be able to so expand enrollment capacity? If not, can Central and Stevens adopt more educational options that RCRH offers - such as extended study, online classes and trimester classes?


RCAS is exploring our secondary school course offerings this year as a first step to determining how we compare with other schools regionally and nationally and to determine how we can better meet the needs of all students. This is occurring through a study conducted by Baker Tilly, a national firm with expertise in this area. Once we receive the report from Baker Tilly, we will have a better idea of how to proceed. This may have enrollment and program implications for our schools in the future and we will make these decisions through an inclusive process.


3.) Families would like to know who is planning to visit and/or who is given the podium in our children's classes and assemblies. We want the opportunity to support afterwards or ask questions beforehand. Transparency please.


Guest speakers in classes are often arranged by individual teachers, and generally parents are informed of such guests. Assemblies are arranged in accordance with administrative input and approval. As RCAS moves forward to engage parents at higher levels and become more transparent, we are in hopes communication with parents will occur more efficiently and ahead of guest speakers and assemblies.