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Week of Mar 9, 2014
Week of Mar 2, 2014
Week of Feb. 23, 2014
Week of Feb. 16, 2014
Week of Feb. 2, 2014
6th Grade B-bball West Schedule 2-8-14
6th Boys BBall festivals
Week of Feb. 9, 2014

Southwest Middle School Activities

Welcome to Southwest Middle School's Activities page.

Student activities are an integral part of education.  They must operate in harmony with other parts of the total curriculum, providing significant learning experiences for youth and helping them to develop a positive lifestyle.

The activities program will provide opportunities for students to organize and plan, to assume leadership roles, to gain recognition and identity, to recreate physically and emotionally, and to mature socially. 



1.  The middle school activities program will support and contribute to the social development of students.
2.  Activities will stress skills such as goal setting, communication, planning,  organization, problem solving, and decision making.
3.  All activities will be properly sponsored and supervised by qualified individuals.
4.  Selective activities should be designed to focus on services to school and community.
5.  Our program is to teach fundamentals, skills, and knowledge of the activity.
6.  Our program is to realize that playing in competition enhances skills and strategy.
7.  Fair play, sportsmanship, and fun are basic to the program.
8.  Attention will be given to the differences between individual and team/group activities and the programs will be structured accordingly.


Middle School Activities Calendar     


4th Quarter

 Handbook and Forms


$25 per activity
$60 for all activities
$120 maximum per family per year