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South Middle School Staff
(Please log in to Skyward to check homework and email the teachers)
Darren Schmidt -  Principal
Jeanne Deming - Assistant Principal
Tracey Caldwell - Counselor

Becky Baker - Video Productions
Ms. Bauer - Music
Ms. Thomas - Reading
Andrea Brooks - English
Katie Wald - Learning Center
Nancy Deranleau - Physical Education
Alicia English- Art
- Reading
Audra Franke - Computers
Jennifer Fowler - Science
Ms. Giggee - English
Deb Harrowa - Social Studies
Wayne Holzer- Social Studies
Kelly Horn - General Education
Nancy Huwe - Social Studies/English
 Crystal Hoenthaner - English
 Caitlin Templeton - Physical Education

David Ireland - Science
Janet Jensen - FACS

Kimberly Klynsma - English

Elizabeth Knowles - Orchestra
Andrew Ley - Social Studies

Karl Leggate - Math/Reading
William Lenneman - Math

Brian Madden - Math
Sheryl Martin - Band

Cliff Mills - Math/Reading
Brenda Murphey - Science
Ms. Dressler -Reading

Frosty Paris - Science

Jolene Porvasnik - Learning Center
Rachel Quimby - Math

Kim Schara - Science/Reading
Deb Schwietert - Computer
Tashia Schreiner - Learning Center
Margaret Seibold - Learning Center
Jesse Sewell - Learning Center
Sara Sherman - Math
Brooks Slama - Social Studies
Tim Snethen - Tech Ed

Brice Stapert - Physical Education
   Rob Wechsler - Learning Center
Shane Whidby - English

Tiffany Parks - Psychologist 

Officer Strampe  - Liaison Officer
Melinda Cronin - Nurse

Kim Whitney - Secretary 
  Amber Gelinas  - Secretary 
Misty Reagan  - Secretary

Barb Hall - Paraprofessional
Linda Muser - Paraprofessional
 Amy Lindenberg - Paraprofessional
Liz Willis- Paraprofessional
- Paraprofessional
Pam Dixon - Paraprofessional
Monica Fuhrmann- Paraprofessional 
  Suzanne Reeve - Paraprofessional
Beth Doerr  - Paraprofessional
Ranelle Clow - ADSP
Sylvia Ladenburger - ADSP

Physical Education Dept.

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