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Tutor Bus 

Drop-Off Times and Locations

Pick Up from East Middle school        4:15 pm

Drop 1: Copperfield Dr./Cadillac        4:21 pm

Drop 2: 4887 Longview Dr.                 4:27 pm

Drop 3: 800 Mickelson Dr.                   4:31 pm

Drop 4: 235 Waterloo St.                     4:35 pm

Drop 5: 1516 E St. Patrick St.              4:41 pm


Tutor Expectations

*Be on time to your working location (8th Grade Pod, Teacher Classroom)

*Have your materials with you to make this time productive

*Ask questions, have a positive attitude and persevere when it gets tough


Bus Expectations

*Stay seated

*Keep head, hands and feet inside the bus

*Use appropriate voice and language

*Listen to directions

*Clean up your area before leaving