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Mastery Explorations 

To be eligible for Mastery Explorations, all assignments should be turned in and you should have a grade of an A or B.  When completed, show the teacher your work and type a short summary of the activities to receive points. 


  1. Check out Despair, Inc.  Create a similar poster of your own.  Make a motivator, then a tasteful demotivator if you choose.
  2. Open Google Sketch-up. Locate tutorials through the Help menu to become a program expert.
  3. Open Photoshop Elements and explore options and tools. 
  4. Become a "certified class photographer."  Do some research about how to take good quality pictures and briefly summarize it in a Word document.  Print it out with your name, show it to the teacher, and go through the very brief photo training.
  5. Check out much fun!
  6. Cell Phones - Discuss the pros and cons for various age groups.  Research dangers.  Create a multimedia presentation to share the information.  A few tips can be found at
  7. Delicious - a social bookmarking site worth checking out.  It's a great to make all of your favorite sites accessible from anywhere!   Search for a tutorial or try this one:
  8. Go to Picnik and have fun editing photos.
  9. Write a letter to a soldier.
  10. Check out Glogster -  a social network that allows users to create free interactive posters.
  11. Presentation tool - Prezi - could it be better than Power Point?
  12. Turn words into a visually stunning word cloud at Tagxedo 
  13. Go to Diigo - Web highlighter, sticky notes, and online bookmarking
  14. Tons of cool Web resources atThe Super Book of Web Tools.
  15. Check out Kodu.  Play a game, go through tutorials, make a game.
  16. Check out some photo editing options at:  Google+,, or