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 Mission Statement



" To motivate young people to become better citizens"



       While JROTC is given during regular high school hours, it is not taught like a regular class. Sure, you'll learn the basics - history government, technology awareness, and current world events - but every lesson is geared towards building leadership and personal skills. You'll understand how to motivate others, while strengthening your own ability to study, take tests, and interview for jobs; real skills you can use. Furthermore, extracurricular activities like Drill Team, Color Guard, P.T. Team, and JLAB deepen your self respect and confidence. And should you attend JROTC summer camp, you'll train on confidence courses, learn land navigation, and learn new skills to take with you.

As a JROTC cadet you are under NO obligation to join the military, nor do we promote the military lifestyle. JROTC simply utilizes proven military skills to help you develop and improve your self discipline, confidence and pride in ways not usually offered in school.

        Character. Confidence. Leadership. That's Army JROTC. While nothing worthwhile is ever easy, uncovering the leadership qualities and personal skills within you pays off in the long run. Both in the present - and in the future.

         Another boring lecture about doing your homework? Forget it. JROTC Gives practical pointers on how to study, take useful lecture notes, and get better test results. As your grades go up, you may become more interested in the school and our community, and in turn, become better equipped to meet the challenges of today's world.

          Team work. That's the feeling in JROTC. All members working together towards the goal. A friendly push when you need it - a pat on the back when you deserve it.


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SAI: MAJ. Michael Conley                             AI: 1SG. Ronald Lovato