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Cobbler 2 Cobbler 

Cobbler 2 Cobbler is the peer mentoring program in which juniors and seniors work with underclassmen to provide encouragement, information, resource help, friendship and overall social/emotional support.  The goal is to have a positive impact on Central High School students by forming a trusting bond with mentors through experiencing time together and fun activities.  Students meet weekly with their mentors in a group setting.  Currently, C2C mentors lead 24 groups and support six weekly student seminars. 

Academic Mentors will provide social/emotional support to underclassmen in the Cobbler 2 Cobbler program and will also provide academic tutoring support to 10th-12th graders.  The academic mentor will work directly with teachers to provide specific academic support to individual students.

Peer Leadership is the Service Learning credit students earn while participating in the peer mentoring or academic mentoring program.  The peer leaders will be responsible for planning and leading the weekly group activities and quarterly after school activities.  They will evaluate the overall performance of the groups and will provide feedback to the peer mentor advisor.  The leaders will provide coaching and support to other mentors.  These mentors will also lead group activities that focus on prevention and problem-solving.   Peer leaders will meet weekly with the peer mentor advisor for strategic planning and training.  The three areas leaders participate in our program are: Community Service Projects, Mentoring and/or Tutoring.  Peer Leaders also train and work collaboratively with students and staff from other high schools.  

The Peer Leaders at Central High School organize and implement Service Learning projects that include the Special Olympics Bowling, Basketball and Track events, a tenth grade career fair and a city wide ‘Safe Halloween’. 

 Cobbler 2 Cobbler

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