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1st Grade 

Number and Counting

1.     Counting Sheep

2.    Counting Chickens

3.    Caterpillar Ordering

4.    Nutty Numbers-Ordering

5.    Count Along to 100

6.    Spooky Sequencing-Larger numbers



1.     Under the Shell

2.    Working with Combinations

3.    Balloon Subtraction

4.    Laughing Giraffes—1 or 2 more

5.    Addition Mystery

6.    Number Line Addition

7.    Adding Bricks

8.    Save the Whale

9.    Timernator!-Addition facts 0-10

10.  Catch 10

11.  Karate!

12.  Paint Brush Math

13.  Spacey Math

14.  Bear Combinations

15.  Adding and Subtracting with Toad

16.  Mend the 100 chart

17.  Addition Fishing

18.  Subtraction Fishing!

19.  Tickets Please

20. Subtraction facts up to 10

21.  Around the World (choose level 1 Addition)

22. Test the Toad

23. Dartboard combinations





1.     Frog Hoppin’-working on greater than and less than

2.    Mucky Monsters—using words more and less

3.    Counting Cars—missing numbers

4.    What comes next?

5.    Connect the dots-ordering numbers 1-50

6.    Sequencing by 1’s

7.    Missing numbers

8.    Repeating Patterns

9.    Bead Patterns

10.  Brenda’s Bedroom Patterns




1.     Shapes Around Us

2.    3-D Shapes

3.    Shape Matching

4.    Color the Shape

5.    On-Line Puzzles

6.    Shape Sort Activity

7.    Shape Memory

8.    Shape Match

9.    Which one does not belong?



1.     Design a flag

2.    Identifying Fractions




1.     Flashcard Clock

2.    Telling Time (digital)

3.    What Time is It?

4.    Willy the Watchdog

5.    Ordering Weights

6.                                        Bunny Balance

7.         Piggy Bank

8.                                         Counting Money

9.                                             Coins for Candy

10.     Counting Coins





 1st Grade

1st Grade Combinations End of Year.htm1st Grade Combinations End of YearAdrian, Bobbi F.
Number Practice spring.htmNumber Practice springAdrian, Bobbi F.
1st student number sense spring.flp1st student number sense springAdrian, Bobbi F.
1st Grade More Addition .htm1st Grade More Addition Adrian, Bobbi F.
equality.flipchartequalityAdrian, Bobbi F.
1st Grade Sorting and Sequencing.htm1st Grade Sorting and SequencingAdrian, Bobbi F.
1st Grade Measurement Sites.htm1st Grade Measurement SitesAdrian, Bobbi F.
1st Grade Money Sites.htm1st Grade Money SitesAdrian, Bobbi F.
1st Grade Fraction Sites and Activities.htm1st Grade Fraction Sites and ActivitiesAdrian, Bobbi F.
Combination Practice.htmCombination PracticeAdrian, Bobbi F.
Counting Sites 3.htmCounting Sites 3Adrian, Bobbi F.
1st Grade Number and Counting Sites.htm1st Grade Number and Counting SitesAdrian, Bobbi F.
1st Grade Shape Sites.htm1st Grade Shape SitesAdrian, Bobbi F.
1st Grade Geometry.htm1st Grade GeometryAdrian, Bobbi F.