5th Grade Measurement Sites


Use tools to measure temperature

1.   Estimating Temperature—Be A Scientist

2. Hot Stuff

3. Thermometer Practice-Click on Quiz



Solve problems involving money and making change

1.   That’s Right-Estimating with Money

2. Keep the Change

3. Count the Change

4. Count Money—Start on LEVEL 2



Determine area and perimeter of shapes

1.   Finding Area

2. Area Explorer

3. Perimeter Explorer

4. Shape Explorer

5. Calculate Area



Explore capacity

1.   How Many Pearls?-Capacity

2. Weight and Capacity-interactive video



Use tools to measure length

1.   Length—Centimeters and Inches

2. The Ruler Game


Determine elapsed time

1.   Elapsed Time

2. Matching-Elapsed time



Miscellaneous measurement sites

1.   Estimation

2.    Customary Measure Match