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Digital Poetry Project
Here are our final projects!
Mentor Authors
We have studied some fantastic authors! Lewis Carroll and Emily Dickinson both write with such heart and strong word choice. What have you taken away from these two authors? Or maybe one of our more silly authors like Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky has inspired your writing! Mrs. Waldie
Digital Poetry
I am thrilled about the progress we are making on our digital poetry project inspired by the video on school tube. How did you know what type of image you wanted to match your text? Many of you have carefully selected images that reflect a specific mood or tone. Did you search for a specific topic or more of a feeling? Mrs. Waldie
Fluency Cues
It will be important as we are writing our poems for our digital poetry project to keep in mind the tone of our poem. The mood is how we know where to put commas, bold words, and other cues to help a reader understand how we want our poem read. How do you determine the mood of a poem and the type of expression to put in you voice as you read it aloud? Mrs. Waldie
Project Idea
I had a great idea for a project and wanted you to help me develop it! There is an example of turning poetry into a "digital poem" with music and images.
Go to the following link:
After watching it tell me how it inspires you! Post your comments, thoughts, anbd suggestions here.
Mrs. Waldie
How to comment
Hello kiddos! I am sorry I cannot be with you today- I am at the Civic Center learning all sorts of new things. I was thinking we need to use our comments as wisely as possible. Meaning, under the category "teaching points" (which is at the bottom of the list of your names) I'll post questions I think we should respond to on a regular basis. Leave a comment answering the question or posting one of your own! Today I would like to discuss why people often have different points of view about a poems meaning. What do you think? Mrs. Waldie
First Week
I was thrilled with our first week of in-depth poetry! Everyone has truly taken our mini-lessons and turned them into something wonderful. What impressive writing is on this blog. I have noticed that during our writing process lots of us a struggling with the narrative part of poetry. Meaning: Why does this sound more like a story than a poem? What are some of your ideas to transform a story into a poem? -Mrs. Waldie