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Pictures of events at Corral Drive
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1st Annual Dress Like 'Bob' Day.JPG
1st Annual Dress Like 'Bob' Day
1600 x 12001009 KB
2017 Patriot Day.png
2017 Patriot Day
2016 x 15124140 KB
2nd Annual Dress Like Bob Day.jpg
2nd Annual Dress Like Bob Day
1600 x 1200904 KB
Cat in the Hat Day in Gr. 1.JPG
Cat in the Hat Day in Gr. 1
3264 x 24481211 KB
Cat in the Hat in Grade 1.JPG
Cat in the Hat in Grade 1
3264 x 2448944 KB
Field Day Fun
Field Day Fun 2017
19380 KB
Grade 3 twins day.png
Grade 3 twins day
960 x 12801778 KB
Life Flight Helicopter.png
Life Flight Helicopter
1280 x 9601236 KB
NatGuardByHummer  Sept 11.jpg
NatGuardByHummer Sept 11
5472 x 36484917 KB
5472 x 36482965 KB
Pajama Day gr. 5.JPG
Pajama Day gr. 5
640 x 480153 KB
Patriot Day 2017.png
Patriot Day 2017
2016 x 15124439 KB
Patriots Day 2017.png
Patriots Day 2017
2016 x 15124458 KB
Patriot's Day Parade.JPG
Patriot's Day Parade
1632 x 1224644 KB
Red Ribbon winner's  billboard.JPG
Red Ribbon winner's billboard
3264 x 24482279 KB
Skavang STEAM2.JPG
Skavang STEAM2
320 x 24050 KB
Smokey Bear at Patriots Day.png
Smokey Bear at Patriots Day
1045 x 14671935 KB
STEAM2 1st gr.JPG
STEAM2 1st gr
640 x 480138 KB
STEAM2 1st grade.JPG
STEAM2 1st grade
640 x 480138 KB
960 x 12801796 KB
Student Council 1st Semester fund raiser.png
Student Council 1st Semester fund raiser
1080 x 22201034 KB
Student Council 2017-18.jpg
Student Council 2017-18
3591 x 26927283 KB
Teeslink class with moustaches.png
Teeslink class with moustaches
640 x 480549 KB
Tough Enough 2016.JPG
Tough Enough 2016
1600 x 12001059 KB