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Rapid City Area Schools Policies - Procedures - Exhibits

Our policies and procedures are in the process of being updated. As such, not every policy will reflect the most recent changes. We apologize for this inconvenience."

 Policies Under Review

There are no items to show in this view of the "Policies Under Review" document library.

SECTION A: Foundations and Basic Commitments
Section A of the NEPN/NSBA classification system contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on the district's legal role in providing public education and the basic principles underlying school board governance. These policies provide a setting for all of the school board's other policies and regulations.

 Policy  Procedure  Exhibit  Description Reviewed/Revised
AA School District Legal Status 04/25/16
ABAB Parent Involvement 04/11/16
ABAC Relations with Parents 04/11/16
AC Discrimination Harassment 06/12/17
ACB ADA/ADAAA Policy and Procedure 11/27/17
AD AD-P AD-E Educational Philosophy 02/22/16
ADA Rapid City Area Schools Mission Vision Statement 02/22/16
ADC ADC-P Tobacco Free Schools 02/22/16
AFB MOVED TO SECTION C - CBI - Evaluation of Superintendent

AFE MOVED TO SECTION I - IM - Evaluation of Instructional Programs

AFD MOVED TO SECTION G - GDN - Evaluation of Support Staff

SECTION B: School Board Governance and Operations
Section B of the NEPN/NSBA classification system contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on the school board – how it is appointed or elected; how it is organized; how it conducts meetings, and how the board operates. This section includes bylaws and policies establishing the board's internal operating procedures.

 Policy  Procedure  Exhibit  Description Reviewed/Revised
BA Board Operational Goals 02/22/16
BBAA Board Member Authority 02/22/16
BBB BBB-P School Board Elections 04/25/16
BBG School Attorney 02/22/16
BCA School Board Member Ethics 02/22/16
BCEA Board Liaisons 02/22/16
BDA Electronic Communications by Board Members 10/01/13
BDAA Communications to the Board 04/25/16
BDB School Board Officers 02/22/16
BDC Appointed Board Officials 04/25/16
BDD Board - Superintendent Relationship 02/22/16
BDE Board Committees 02/22/16
BDF Advisory Committees to the Board 02/22/16
BED Board Meeting Procedures 04/25/16
BEDF Voting Method 04/25/16
BEDH BEDH-P BEDH-E Public Participation at Board Meetings 04/25/16
BEDI News Media Services at Board Meetings 04/25/16
BG Board Policy Development 02/22/16
BGA Preliminary Development of Policies 04/25/16
BGB Policy Adoption 04/25/16
BGC Policy Review and Evaluation 04/25/16
BGD Board Review of Administrative Procedures 04/25/16
BGF Suspension of Policies 02/22/16
BIA New Board Member Orientation 04/25/16
BIAA Board Candidate Orientation 02/22/16
BIB Board Member Development Opportunities 02/22/16
BIBA School Board Conferences, Conventions, Workshops 02/22/16
BID BID-E Board Member Compensation and Expenses 04/25/16
BJ School Legislative Program 02/22/16
BK School Board Memberships 02/22/16
BFE MOVED TO SECTION C - CHD - Administration in Policy Absence

SECTION C: General School Administration
Section C of the NEPN/NSBA classification system contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on school management, administrative organization, and school building and department administration – including the administrative aspect of special programs and systemwide reforms such as school- or site-based management. It also houses personnel policies on the superintendent, senior administrators (management team), and school principals. All phases of policy implementation – procedures or regulations – are properly located in this section.

Policy Procedure Exhibit Description


CBA Qualifications and Duties of Superintendent 04/25/16
CBB Recruitment and Appointment of Superintendent 02/22/16
CBD Superintendent's Contract/Compensation and Benefits 02/22/16
CBI CBI-P CBI-E Evaluation of the Superintendent 02/22/16
CC CC-E Administration Organization Plan 04/25/16
CE Administrative Councils, Cabinets, and Committees 04/11/16
CH Policy Implementation 02/22/16
CHA Development of Administrative Rules 02/22/16
CHD Administration in Policy Absence 02/22/16
CK Program Consultants 02/22/16

SECTION D: Fiscal Management
Section D of the NEPN/NSBA classification system contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on school finances and the management of funds. Policies on the financing of school construction and renovation, however, are filed in Section F, Facilities Development.

Policy Procedure Exhibit Description Reviewed/Revised
DAB Fiscal Management Attendance at Community Events 06/30/15
DBB Budgeting System/Fiscal Year 08/24/15
DBC Budget Planning 08/24/15
DBF Budget Hearing and Reviews 06/30/15
DBJ Budget Transfer Authority 08/24/15
DBJA Contingency Budget Transfer/ 04/25/16
DC Taxing and Borrowing Authorit/ - Limitations 08/24/15
DCBA DCBA-P Capital Outlay Fund Debt 06/30/15
DD DD-P DD-E Funding Proposals and Applications 10/26/15
DFA Revenues from Investments 10/26/15
DFCA Public Gifts to the Schools 10/26/15
DFD DFD-P DFD-E Gate Receipts and Admissions 08/10/15
DFDA Free Admissions 06/13/16
DFG DFGA-P Income from Career and Technical Education Sales and Services 04/25/16
DG Depository of Funds 08/24/15
DGA Authorized Signatures 08/24/15
DGD DGD-E Fiscal Management Purchase Cards 06/30/15
DH Bonded Employees and Officers 08/24/15
DI Fiscal Accounting and Reporting 08/24/15
DIB DIB-P Types of Funds 10/26/15
DID DID-P Inventories 10/26/15
DIE Audits 08/24/15
DJ Purchasing 04/25/16
DJB DJB-P Purchasing Procedures 10/26/15
DJC DJC-P Petty Cash Accounts 10/26/15
DJE Bidding Requirements 06/16/16
DJG Vendor Relations 04/25/16
DK Payment Procedures 10/26/15


Expense Reimbursements 08/24/15
DM DM-P Cash in School Buildings 04/15/14
DN DN-P Sales and Disposal of Surplus Property 03/17/15

SECTION E: Support Services
Section E of the NEPN/NSBA classification system contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on non-instructional services and programs, particularly those on business management such as safety, building and grounds management, office services, transportation, and food services.

 Policy Procedure Exhibit Description  Reviewed/Revised
EA Support Services Goal  09/28/15
EB Safety Programs 09/28/15
EBBA EBBA-P First Aid/Physician Prescribed Services 06/13/16
EBBB EBBB-P EBBB-E Accident Reports 09/28/15
EBBC EBBC-P EBBC-E Indoor Air Quality 12/14/15
EBC Emergency Plans 12/14/15
EBCA EBCA-P Disaster Plans 12/14/15
EBCB Fire Drills 12/14/15
EBCC EBCC-P Bomb Threats 12/14/15
EBCD Emergency Lockdowns 12/14/15
EBCE EBCE-P EBCE-E Emergency Closings 12/14/15

Emergency Evacuation Plan for Handicapped Students

EC Buildings and Grounds Management 09/28/15
ECA Buildings and Grounds Security 09/28/15
ECAB ECAB-P ECAB-E Access to Buildings 09/28/15
ECAC Vandalism 12/14/15
ECAF RCAS Electronic Surveillance Policy 06/16/15
ECB Buildings and Grounds Maintenance 09/28/15
ECE Traffic and Parking Controls 09/28/15
ECF ECF-P ECF-E Energy Conservation 12/14/15
ED Material Resources Management 09/28/15
EDA Receiving and Warehousing 09/28/15
EDB EDB-P Maintenance and Control of Instructional Materials 09/28/15
EDCA Authorized Use of School Owned Materials (Non-Sectarian Textbooks) 05/23/16
EEA EEA-E Student Transportation Services 04/25/16
EEAAA Student Transportation Services - Eligible Students 04/25/16
EEABA Parent Busing Information 04/25/16
EEAC School Bus Safety Program 04/25/16
EEAD Special Use of School Buses 06/13/16
EEAEA Bus Driver Examination and Training 04/25/16
EEAEAA Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus Drivers 04/25/16
EEAEC Student Conduct on School Buses 04/25/16
EEAG EEAG-E Use of Private Vehicles 04/25/16
EF Food Services Management 12/14/15
EFBA Student Wellness 12/14/15
EFC Free and Reduced Price Food Services 12/14/15
EFE Vending Machines 12/14/15
EGAD EGAD-P Copyright Compliance 06/27/16
EGAB Mail and Delivery Services 09/28/15
EI Insurance Management 06/27/16

SECTION F: Facilities Development 
Section F of the NEPN/NSBA classification system contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on facility planning, financing, construction, and renovation. It also includes the topics of temporary facilities and school closings.

Policy  Procedure Exhibit Description Reviewed/Revised
FB Facilities Planning  03/14/16
FEB FEB-P Selection of Architect-Engineer of Owner's Representative 03/14/16
FF Naming Renaming of Facilities 03/14/16
FL FL-P Retirement of Facilities 03/14/16

SECTION G: Personnel
Section G of the NEPN/NSBA classification system contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on all school employees except for the Superintendent (policies on the Superintendent are located in Section C, General Administration).
Section G is divided into three main divisions:

     1. GB has policies applying to all school employees or to general personnel matters;
     2. GC refers to instructional and administrative staff; and
     3. GC refers to support or classified staff.

Procedure Process Exhibit Description Adopted/Reviewed
GBA Equal Opportunity Employment 06/13/16
GBB Staff Involvement in Decisionmaking 04/25/16
GBC Staff Ethics 06/13/16
GBCA Staff Conflict of Interest 06/27/16
GBCB GBCB-P Staff Conduct 06/13/16
GBCBB Employee Use of Networking Sites 06/27/16
GBEA Staff Protection 04/25/16
GBEAA Employee Conflict of Interest 06/27/16
GBEB Employee Communicable Diseases 06/13/16
GBEBC Staff Gifts and Solicitations 06/27/16
GBEC GBEC-E Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace 06/27/16
GBEG Personnel/Employee Rights and Responsibilities 06/27/16
GBL GBL-P Personnel Records 06/27/16
GCDB Criminal Background Investigation Policy and Procedure 11/27/17
GCE Substitute Teachers 06/13/16
GCN Professional Teaching Staff Evaluation 06/13/16
GCQAB Tutoring for Pay 06/13/16
GDE Support Staff Recruiting/Post of Vacancies/Hiring 06/13/16
GDN Support Staff Evaluation 06/13/16
GDQB Support Staff Work Rules 06/13/16

SECTION H: Negotiations
Section H of the NEPN/NSBA classification system contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on the process of negotiating with bargaining units recognized by the school board and authorized under state law.

Policy Procedure Exhibit Description Adopted/Reviewed

SECTION I: Instruction
Section I provides a repository for statements on the instructional program: basic programs, special programs, activities programs, instructional resources, academic achievement.

Policy Procedure Exhibit Description Adopted/Reviewed
IAB Instructional Standards 05/23/16
IB Academic Freedom 06/27/16
IC School Year - School Calendar 06/27/16
IE Organization of Instruction 06/27/16
IF IF-P Curriculum Development 06/27/16
IGA Basic Instructional Program 05/23/16
IGAC Teaching About Religion 06/27/16
IGAG Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Abuse Prevention 06/27/16
IGAH IGAH-E Life Education 06/27/16
IGBB IGBB-P Programs for Gifted Students
IGBG IGBG-P Homebound Instruction
IGBH IGBH-P IGBH-E Alternative School Programs
IGBJ Indian Education
IGCB Online/Distance Learning 05/08/2017
IGCD College Level Examination Program - CLEP
IGCF Dual Enrollment in Senior High and Post Secondary Courses
IGD IGD-P IGD-E Co-curricular and Interscholastic Programs
IGDD IGDD-P IGDD-E Student Performances
IGDF IGDF-P Student Fund Raising Activities
IGDG Student Activities Funds Management
IGDH Contests for Students
IGEB IGEB-P IGEB-E Adult High School Programs
IHB Class Size
IHG Independent Study
IHH IHH-P IHH-E Course Test Out
IIA Instructional Standards
IIAA IIAA-P Textbook Selection and Adoption
IIAB IIAB-P Supplemental Materials Selection and Adoption
IIAC IIAC-P Library Resources Management
IIAD IIAD-P IIAD-E Complaints Regarding Instructional Materials
IIAE Special Interest Materials
IIBGA IIBGA-P Employee Use of District Technology 05/23/16
IICA IICA-P IICA-E Field Trips and Exclusions
IICC IICC-P School Volunteers
IK Academic Achievement
IKA IKA-P IKA-E Grading Systems
IKAB Student Progress Reports to Parents
IKB IKB-P Homework
IKE Promotion Retention of Students
IKEA Make-Up Opportunities
IKF IKF-P IKF-E Graduation Requirements
IL IL-P IL-E Testing Programs
INB Teaching About Controversial Issues

SECTION J: Students
Section I of the NEPN/NSBA classification system contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on the instructional program: basic curricular subjects; special programs, instructional resources, and academic achievement.

Policy Procedure Exhibit Description Adopted/Reviewed
JA Student Goals 07/11/16
JB Equal Educational Opportunities 07/11/16
JC School Attendance Area  07/11/16
JE Student Attendance 05/23/16
JECB Admission of Non-Resident Students 05/23/16
JECBA Admission of Foreign Students
JECC JECC-P Admission and Assignment of Students to Schools 07/11/16
JECF School Admissions and Immunization Requirements
JED JED-P Student Absences and Excuses/Truancy 07/11/16
JEDB Student Dismissal Precautions 05/23/16
JF Student Rights and Responsibilities 07/11/16
JFA Student Due Process Rights 07/11/16
JFB Education for Homeless Children 05/23/16
JFC Student Conduct
JFCCA JFCCA-E Student Conduct - Internet 05/23/16
JFCCAA Student Internet Copyright 05/23/16
JFCHA JFCHA-P Student Chemical Use and/or Abuse 05/23/16
JFCK JFCK-P Suicide (Prevention and Intervention) 05/23/16
JFG Student Interviews and Searches 05/23/16
JFH Student Complaints and Grievances 05/23/16
JGA Corporal Punishment 06/13/00
JGC Student Bullying 05/23/16
JGD JGD-P Suspension and Expulsion
JHA Student Insurance Program 05/23/16
JHCC JHCC-P Communicable Diseases 05/23/16
JHCD JHCD-P JHCD-E Administering Medicines to Students 05/23/16
JHCDB Stock Epinephrine Auto Injectors 05/23/16
JHFA Supervision of Students 07/11/16
JHG JHG-E Child Abuse 05/23/16
JN Student Fees, Fines, and Charges 07/11/16
JNA Loaning of Textbooks 07/11/16
JO JO-P Student Records 05/23/16
JOA Student Recruitment Access to Students and Directory Information 07/11/16

SECTION K: School-Community Relations
Section K of the NEPN/NSBA classification system contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on parent and community involvement in schools. Except for policies concerning education agencies, statements on public sector relations with the school district also are located in this section.

Policy Procedure Exhibit  Description Adopted/Reviewed
KA School and Community Relations Goals 07/11/16
KB School and Community Relations 07/11/16
KBA  Public Information Program 
KDD KDD-P Media Relations 06/06/13
KG KG-P KG-E Community Use of School Facilities 04/25/16
KH Public Gifts to the Schools 10/26/15
KI Public Solicitations in Schools 07/11/16
KJ Advertising in Schools 05/23/16
KK Visitors in the Schools 05/23/16
KL Public Complaints 06/27/17
KLE KLE-P Complaint Policy for Federal Programs
KMB Title I Parent and Family Engagement Involvement 07/11/16
KMI Relations with Political Organizations 05/23/16
KNA Relations with Local Governmental Authorities
KNAJ Relations with Police Authorities 05/06/10

SECTION L: Education Agency Relations
Section L of the EPS/NSBA classification system contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on the school district's relationship with other education agencies – including:
     other school systems,
     regional or service districts,
     private schools,
     colleges and universities,
     education research organizations, and
     state and national education agencies.

Policy Procedure Exhibit Description Adopted/Reviewed
LA Education Agency Relation Goals 05/23/16
LB LB-P LB-E Relationships with Other Schools Districts (Alternative Education) 05/23/16
LBB Cooperative Educational Programs 07/11/16
LI Relations with Education Accreditation Agencies 07/11/16

 Policy Development (BOE Reading)