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Superintendent of Schools


300 6th Street
Rapid City, SD 57701

(605) 394-4031-Phone
(605) 394-2514 -Fax

               Dr. Lori J. Simon,
               Superintendent of Schools

 Inter-School Parent Council Schedule/Minutes

2017-10-12 Inter-School Council Minutes
2017-05-11 Inter-School (Parent) Council Minutes
2017-04-13 Inter-School (Parent) Council Minutes
2017-02-09 Inter-School (Parent) Council Minutes
2017-01-05 Parent Inter-School Council Minutes
2016-11-10 Inter-School Parent Council Minutes
2016-10-13 Inter-School Parent Council Minutes
2016-09-08 Inter-School Parent Council Minutes
2016 - 2017 Interschool Council - Formerly Parent Key Communicator Meeting Schedule

 Student Voice Forum Schedule/Minutes

2017-03-22 Student Voice Forum Minutes
2017-02-08 Student Voice Forum Minutes
2016-12-14 Superintendent Student Key Communicator Minutes

 Roundtable Schedule/Minutes

2017-04-10 Roundtable Minutes
2017-03-13 Roundtable Minutes
2017-02-13 Roundtable Minutes
2016-12-16 Roundtable Minutes
2017-01-09 Roundtable Minutes
2016-11-14 Roundtable Minutes
2016-10-11 Roundtable Minutes
2016-2017 Roundtable Meeting Schedule

 Inter-School Teacher Council Schedule/Minutes

2017-04-12 Inter-School Teacher Council Minutes
2017-02-15 Inter-School Teacher Council Minutes
2016-12-14 Inter-School Teacher Council minutes
2016-10-19 Inter-School Teacher Council Minutes

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Student Success Task Force Schedule/Minutes

2015 - 2016 Student Success Task Force Meeting Schedule

 Archived Minutes

01-10-2013 Parent Key Communicator Minutes
02-14-2013 Parent Key Communicator Minutes
03-14-2013 Parent Key Communicator Minutes
04-11-2013 Parent Key Communicator Minutes
10-18-2012 Minutes, Attachments, 11-8-2012 Agenda
11-08-2012 Parent Key Communicator Meeting Minutes
12-13-2012 Parent Key Communicator Minutes

 School Boundary Maps

 Community Links

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