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July 24th Annual Board of Education Meeting Board Brief


Board Approves 2017-18 Budget

At the January 24, 2017 Board of Education meeting, the Board approved the $189,895,072.00 budget. Nearly $900,000 of general fund reserves and around $8 million in capital outlay flexibility was used to balance the general fund budget. More than $7 million of our capital outlay reserves will be used to pay for ongoing maintenance and building projects.  Overall, the general fund and capital outlay budgets are smaller than the last fiscal year.  Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal and Support Services Dave Janak said that around $1 million has been set aside for various costs associated with the implementation of our strategic plan.

Mr. Janak noted that we are not in a budget crisis. However, he did say that the ongoing use of capital outlay flexibility and our general fund reserves is a priority concern that will need to be a key focus in the next two years.

Six of the seven Board members voted to approve the budget. Area Two Board Member Sheryl Kirkeby voted against it. She says she is concerned about the use of capital outlay flexibility. Currently, we transfer 38 percent of our capital outlay dollars to the general fund to support various general fund expenses, like salaries. The state of South Dakota allows districts to use up to 45 percent of their capital outlay dollars to fund general fund expenses. Among other things, capital outlay monies are meant to support facility needs, curriculum essentials and technology expenses.

Paraprofessional Agreement

The Paraprofessional Agreement was approved. You can read the details here:

Superintendent’s Report

Dr. Simon had a brief report. In her report, she noted that she attended the State Superintendent’s Conference in Chamberlain this month. The focus was on 21st Century learning.  Governor Daugaard spoke about graduation flexibility and finding multiple pathways to graduation.

Dr. Simon thanked outgoing Board members Jim Hansen and Dr. Ed McLaughlin for their years of service on the board.

Sine Die (adjournment of outgoing BOE members) and Swearing In

Monday, we said farewell to two public servants. Thanks to Dr. Ed McLaughlin and Jim Hansen for the work they have done on behalf of RCAS students.

We also welcomed two new Board members. Christine Stephenson and Mike Roesler began their 3-year terms on the Board.

Election of Officers

Area 1 Board Member Matt Stephens was elected Board President. Area 3 Board Member Ron Riherd was elected First Vice President and Area 7 Board Member Kate Thomas was elected Second Vice President.

If you want any further detail on last night’s meeting, here is a link to the agenda:

 You can also watch a recorded stream of the meeting: