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August 14th Board of Education Meeting Board Brief


Strategic Plan 2022

The Strategic Plan 2022 agenda item will be on each board meeting agenda this year. This item ensures that the board has an opportunity to hear updates on the progress of the strategic plan.

Budget Calendar Guide

The Board had a chance to review the draft 2018-19 budget calendar guide.  The budget calendar guide provides a timeline of tasks and deadlines that pertain to the RCAS budget. The final version of the document will be considered for approval at the August 28 meeting. You can review the guide here:

 Superintendent Report

In the past couple of weeks, Dr. Simon has been busy with a number of activities. The annual Board retreat was held late last month. The Board spent the majority of the retreat focusing on the new strategic plan and actions plans.

Dr. Simon noted that she attended the Military Child Education Coalition annual training seminar in Washington D.C.  Much of the conference was focused on providing transition supports for our military connected students.  That same week, Dr. Simon attended a workshop as part of the Western Governors’ Workforce Development Initiative. Government, education, and industry leaders from around the region gathered to share how strong partnerships can create more career exploration and development opportunities for students and better prepare them to meet our local and regional workforce needs.

Dr. Simon mentioned that she and Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services Dr. Matthew Seebaum facilitated the annual RCAS Administrative Retreat last week. Finally, she touched on what she learned at the Associated School Boards of South Dakota (ASBSD) conference in Sioux Falls. Highlights include a session on developing the rubrics necessary for high quality early learning.

Consolidated App Grant

The Board approved the Consolidated App Grant. This is a grant that we apply for on an annual basis. The $6.3 million grant is used to fund Title I part A, Title I part D (Neglected and Delinquent Program Grant includes supplemental instructional services provided to the West River Juvenile Services Center), Title II Part A (professional development), The 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program (Discovery Program), and the Title IV SSAE (used to provide student support and academic enrichment).

Title VI Indian Education Grant

The Board approved the Title VI Indian Education Grant. The grant provides supplemental services to Native American Indian students. The funds allow the district to provide academic assistance to students in grades K-12, as well as monitoring attendance and helping to increase graduation rates for Native American Indian students in the Rapid City Area Schools.


If you want any further detail on last night’s meeting, here is a link to the agenda:

You can also watch a recorded stream of the meeting: