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BoE Meeting Schedule

April 23, 2018     5:30 PM President
City School Administration Center Dr. Lori Simon
300 Sixth Street, Rapid City, SD  57701 Superintendent


1.   Call to Order

2.   Pledge of Allegiance

3.   Approval of Minutes

A.   April 9, 2018 Board of Education Minutes

B.   April 16, 2018 Board of Education Study Session Minutes

4.   Approval of the Agenda

5.   Sharing the Success

A.   Jessie Rencountre - Author

B.   Title VI PAC Board

1.   Bev Bad Moccasin

2.   Mary "Kati" Pechota

3.    Amy Sazue

4.   Bre Jackson

5.   Cholena Pourier

6.   Vanessa Palmier

7.   Shannon Perkins

6.   Persons wishing to Address the School Board

7.   Strategic Plan 2022

A.   Federal Programs Update - Dr. Robin Gillespie and Sarah Pierce

8.   Board Information Items

A.   Third Quarter Fiscal Report - Dave Janak

1.  Financial Presentation Memo

2.   Third Quarter Budget Update Presentation

B.   Committee Reports

1.   Student Representative Reports

a.   Emily Washington - Central High School

b.   Madison Murphy - Stevens High School

c.   Brookelle Garrigan - Rapid City High School - Absent with notice

2.   Facilities Committee Report - Mike Roesler

3.   Instructional Council Report - Kate Thomas - April 10, 2018 Report - April 23, 2018 Agenda

4.   Title VI - Mike Roesler - April 12, 2018 Report

C.   Superintendent Report

D.   Other

1.   Conflict of Interest

a.  School Board Waiver

2.   Sentinels

9.   Items for Board Action

10.  Reading of Policies/Regulations

Third (final) reading:

A.   IKF - Graduation Requirements

First reading:

B.   FF - Naming/Renaming of District Facilities

C.   KJ - Advertising In Schools/Sponsorship Program

D.   KG - Use of School Facilities

Information Item - To Be Approved with third reading of FF:

E.   FF-P - Naming/Renaming of District Facilities Procedure

11.   Reading of Western Technical Institute Policies/Regulations

Third (final) reading:

A.   2004 - Hiring Process

B.   2004.002 - Hiring Process - Procedures

C.   2004.001 - Hiring Process - Exhibit

D.   1002 - Shared Governance

E.   1012.001 - Shared Governance - Exhibit

First reading:

E.   1013 - Code of Ethics for Faculty, Staff, and Administration

F.   1014 - Code of Ethics, Duties, and Responsibilities for Governing Board Members

12.   Approval of Consent Agenda

A.   Claims Report

B.   Imprest Claims

C.   Revenue Summary

D.   Balance Sheet

E.   Bids

1.   Tabulation - Air Filters

2.   Tabulation - Art Supplies

3.   Tabulation - Tires

F.   Enrollment Options

G.   K-12 Change of Status

H.   K-12 Employment Recommendations

I.   K-12 Substitutes, Field Placements and Volunteers

J.   K-12 Terminations and Leaves

K.   Resolution for Amendment of Budget

L.   Surplus Property

M.   ADDENDUM - Agreement with Black Hills Special Services and FACE (Family and Culture Engagement)

N.   ADDENDUM - Agreement with Black Hills Special Services Cultural Learning with Tamara Miyasata 

O.   ADDENDUM - Bids

1.   Tabulation - Meadowbrook Drainage

P.   ADDENDUM - Request for Proposal

Q.   ADDENDUM - Human Resources


S.   ADDENDUM - MOU with National University Sanford Education Center

T.   ADDENDUM - Agreement with BHSSC/TIE

13.   Board Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops

14.   Executive Session 

  • SDCL 1-25-2.4 - Preparing for contract negotiations or negotiating with employees or employee representatives.

15.   Adjournment



If you need assistance with an accommodation to participate in this meeting, please contact Shirley Fletcher,

300 Sixth Street or 605.394.4031, one business day prior to the date of the meeting.