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IT Training & Resources

The IT Department is committed to providing the training and tools necessary to achieve technical proficiency with the district's systems and software.  This training begins with new employee orientation and continues throughout the employee's career.

IT Orientation
New employees will be scheduled to attend IT Orientation prior to their first day of work.  Orientation is differentiated by job and may include items such as taking attendance, entering grades, saving files, web-based Outlook, etc.  All new employees will receive their login credentials at training so they can be ready and trained to use the technology they will need their first day of work. 

Accredited Training Opportunities
Technology Training is also offered for credit through the Office of Staff Development. 


    Accredited Training Series

    Training Videos/Materials

IT offers accredited college courses through our district
staff development office.  You can visit their site by clicking the shortcut below.

 Staff Development Site

Videos and targeted materials are another means of quickly learning new tasks

 Written Tutorials