District code: IHH


    I. Students may petition to challenge courses specifically identified by the board of education. The following conditions apply:

    A. Student will be allowed to test out of and receive up to eight (8) credits toward high school graduation for specific courses approved by the board of education, including Computer Studies I, personal finance, and ninth and tenth grade level required courses in English, mathematics, science and social studies.

    B. Test development / selection will be coordinated through the Office of Student Achievement & Staff Development. Tests will be developed or selected by subject area curriculum committees comprised of teachers employed by the district.

    C. The tests will be comprehensive and will assess factual knowledge as well as process and performance skills appropriate to the subject. Traditional evaluation methods, such as multiple choice, as well as alternative methods of assessment, such as essays, laboratory, activities, and oral presentation may be used.

    D. Students will be allowed to test out of courses on pre-established test dates. Additional testing needs may be accommodated following the process detailed in District Code IHH-P.

    E. A student will be allowed to challenge a specific course only once.

    F. Performance based tests (i.e., speech, computer) must be scored by district teachers who currently teach the content tested.

    G. Credit will be awarded only for the course(s) successfully challenged. Students must earn a score of 85 percent or better to successfully challenge a course.

    H. Credit for successfully challenged course will be recorded as TST (tested out) on official student transcripts and will not affect the student’s official Grade Point Average (GPA) and Class Rank.

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    I. If a transcripted letter grade is required for scholarship eligibility or college admissions, the student must submit a written request to the appropriate Guidance Office requesting a letter grade. Student’s requests should be received in the Guidance Office no later than the last of the day of the first semester of the student’s senior year. When a Test Out credit letter grade is assigned, the resulting letter grade must be calculated in the high school GPA and Class Rank.

    Adopted 01/28/97

    Revised 06/13/00

    Revised 12/07/04

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    Rapid City Area School District No. 51-4, Rapid City, South Dakota