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Curriculum Committee Community Participants Information Sheet

Curriculum Community Participation Form
  • Through school newsletters and announcements at BOE meetings,community members who wish to be part of the curriculum development process will be invited to fill out an application form.
  • During the curriculum development phase,community participants[totaling up to ten percent of the total number of teachers participating at a particular level or course(elementary,middle school,or high school)] will be invited to join the curriculum writing committee. As full members of the committee,they will be expected to attend all curriculum meetings for their level (elementary,middle school,or high school)and to participate according to the established group norms of conduct.
    • During the materials selection phase, the community participants will attend all meetings that apply to the level at which they are participating including the Publisher’s Fair and the coordinating followup publisher presentations.Sample books will be made available for in depth review through the Home School Office.During the materials piloting period,community memberswillcontinue toattend meetings for their level. Curriculum Committee Community Members will be expected to participate according to the established group norms of conduct.
    • Priority will be given to community participants who were committee members during the curriculum writing process.
    • Pilot teachers and community participants[totaling up to ten percent of the total number of teachers participating at a particular level or course (elementary,middle school,or high school) will make the final decision about materials to recommend for district purchase. In their selection of materials for purchase, pilot teachers and community participants will consider input from students,parents,and other teachers. Community participants may also note “gaps” in piloted materials.These recommendations will be given consideration when selecting or developing supplementary materials.
    • For community participants who did not participate in the writing phase of the curriculum,reviewing the appropriate curriculum guide is a prerequisite forcommittee membership.
    • Applications will be available in the Office of Student Achievement and will be available online through the same office. Selection of Community Participants will be based on a variety of factors including: 
      1. Application date 
      2. Available slots
      3. Need to balance representation of specific interests ofcommunity members
    • Approximate timelines: 
      1. The curriculum writing process typically lasts a fullyear. Depending on the curriculum committee’s preference,writing  maytakeplace during the summer months,during the schoolwork day, some Saturdays or after school hours. It varies by full committee, by level,and by subject.
      2. The curriculum materials pilot selection process takes place over a full year but will begin in the spring with the Publisher’s Fair(major revisions only: Language Arts,Math,Science,and SocialStudies)and will run through the formal selection process in January. Following that,ordering occurs and supporting resource development will be facilitated.

Other Options for Community Involvement

• Community members who wish to provide input but who are unable to participate at the level detailed above will be invited to: 

  1. Complete a parent survey for core curriculum reviews(language arts,math,social studies and science)prior to the committee beginning the writing process or materials selection 

  2. Attend Open Forums conducted for reviews of the draft curriculum and proposed materials for adoption(during the Instructional Council process but before going to the board for consideration)

  3. Relay any questions or concerns to their building principal,to the Office of Student Achievement,or may communicate with the community participants if appropriate

Curriculum Community Participation Form